Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven Buying Guide

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The type of the microwave oven refers to the technology inside the tool to make it suitable for kitchen use. There are three main types of ovens: solo ovens, combination microwave ovens and flatbed microwave ovens.

Solo Microwave

Solo Microwave

Solo microwaves are compact and easy to use, and due to this advantage, they are most commonly used in dorm rooms and by people who aren’t in relationships or don’t have a family.

These models mostly only support basic tasks such as reheat, defrost and cook and don’t have too many features. Overall, a solo microwave is the most basic design for a microwave oven but is also widely considered the most reliable and durable. The price can vary depending on capacity, size and number of functions, but they are also among the cheapest types of microwaves available.

Combination Microwave

Just as the name suggests, combination ovens combine the functions of a convection oven with the functions of a microwave. A combination microwave can do more than just heat up and defrost food; it can also bake, grill, steam and even fry. People prefer combination microwaves because it is versatile and very easy to operate and make function. A microwave that also functions as a convection oven will have an integrated fan with a heated element around it to distribute heat in an even pattern. This feature is of great importance as it reduces the cooking time and makes sure that the food is evenly cooked, similar to halogen ovens. Combination microwaves are, however, among the more expensive microwaves available in the market due to its increased versatility.

Flatbed Microwave

Most microwaves have a turntable that is usually made of glass, which rotates the food container in order to heat it proportionally and evenly on all sides. However, flatbeds lack this feature. The microwaves are instead distributed through a rotating antenna placed underneath its floor thanks to the help of a flatbed base. The fact that the food container does not have to rotate means you can use bigger containers for cooking, with the added benefits that shapes that wouldn’t fit a regular microwave can fit into this one. However, the technology is still in quite nascent stages, which makes them more expensive in comparison with their turntable counterparts. The best microwave oven among these three types should be chosen with great precision after much thought.

Inverter Technology

Some of the more expensive and higher-end microwave ovens are equipped with inverter technology, which is designed to provide constant power without interruption. Inverter technology helps maintain constant heating power at low energy levels. Additionally, the food gets cooked evenly and does not get a rubbery consistency.