Electric Can Opener

Electric Can Opener Buying Guide

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Types of Can Openers

Electric can openers come in various shapes and sizes nowadays, although their working principle is more or less the same. A freestanding unit holds the can in place with a magnet, and while it spins the can, the sharp blade takes off the lid. The differences between the various types of can openers are given by their extended functionality. The simplest models just open cans and can be used as electric tin openers. However, electric can openers are also enhanced with bottle openers and knife sharpeners which are pretty top-of-the-range products that open more than just bottles, cans and jars. However, read reviews to select the best electric can opener. Another differentiation that can be made between the types of can openers is given by the complexity of their operation. On one end, there are handheld battery-powered electric openers, but there are also freestanding, automated electric can openers that make room for hand-free operation.

Can Opener

Who Is It For?

Electric can openers can be used by literally anyone. For people who are handicapped, or who cannot rely on their hands due to medical conditions like arthritis or other conditions, opening a tin can with the push of a button is a big convenience. It might also be useful for people who travel a lot and pack jars or cans for fast cooking.

Can Opener For The Elderly

A particular subcategory of the best electric can openers are can openers for the elderly. They usually come with a powerful motor that can handle just about any type of can and are usually hands-free. Some people might prefer a simple, battery-operated can opener that simply opens cans, while others might want the more complicated, freestanding can openers with multiple functionalities. Long story short, a can opener for senior citizens must be super-easy to use and should need minimal intervention from the operator. It should also be easy to clean, and a corded model might be easier for them so that they don’t have to deal with low battery issues.


electric tin opener

While looking for a regular electric tin opener, the size details are pretty straightforward. Most electric can opener models will be about 5 x 6 x 10 inches, with a brilliant, vertical design. Built to take up little space on the worktop, electric can openers have their motor at the base so that there is enhanced stability. With respect to the weight, the average electric can opener for domestic use will be about 2.5 to 3 pounds. It will weigh more if the material used is stainless steel, while the plastic models are a bit lighter. As can be imagined, the larger the size of the can it can handle, the greater the size of the can opener.