Dishwasher Buying Guide

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When you have to cook for a big family, you also need a big enough dishwasher that can clean the dishes effectively without giving you any trouble. Cleaning dishes after a good meal can become a daunting process. That is why dishwashers have become a necessity in every kitchen. It saves the time and effort that can be used for doing other chores or to simply relax after a good meal. There are several dishwasher types available in the market. This dishwasher guide will help you pick the right dishwasher according to your kitchen needs.

Types of dishwashers

The dishwasher is no more a luxury that ordinary people cannot afford. In fact, it has become a must-have kitchen item for cleaning dishes and crockery. There are two main types of dishwashers available today – the free-standing dishwashers and the built-in dishwashers. The free-standing dishwashers can be available separately and can be fit anywhere around the kitchen. The built-in dishwashers are installed under the kitchen counter and can be covered with a material to match your kitchen’s aesthetics.

Size and capacity

A standard dishwasher is around 35-inches in height and 24-inches in width. Such dishwashers are good for families with 6-8 members. The compact dishwashers of 18-inches are suitable for smaller families. Most dishwashers have adjustable racks and removable lower baskets, which makes it easy to fit in bigger dishes. These settings can differ from one dishwasher to another.

Size and capacity

Tub type

The affordable dishwashers come with plastic tubs while the higher end units have stainless steel tubs. Some dishwashers may also have stainless steel coated plastic tubs to match the interiors. Make sure to check the tubs for quality and durability before choosing a dishwasher, so it does not affect the quality of washing.

Features to consider

There is a range of features available even in the most basic dishwashers today. The most important features in any dishwasher are the cycles and types of washing it provides. Light wash, regular wash, and heavy wash are the commonest types of washing that any dishwasher should provide. More advanced units can offer adjustable temperatures to clean greasy dishes. Some of the newer units feature a facility to choose upper rack and lower rack washing to save energy and water. Similar to the washing features, the dishwashers will also have drying options that will help you use the dishes instantly after cleaning without the need to wipe. Additional features may include a child safety lock and anti-flood feature.

Take the help of an expert to find the best dishwasher uk brands that can provide complete features and service for keeping your kitchen clean. A good dishwasher can be the highlight of your kitchen if you choose the right one. Before reaching any conclusion, make sure to check out a range of dishwashers available and compare their features to know what fits your budget in the best manner.