Cooking can be interesting. Today, most women and men are trying out new cooking habits to create a healthy diet plan and utilize their kitchen in the best way possible. While cooking may seem easy, there are a lot of things that can create environmental hazards if left unattended. The kitchen has a lot of sharp objects, including knives and electrical appliances. Always be aware of your surroundings while working in a kitchen and keep these important safety rules in mind.

Store knives away

Never keep your knives in the open. Make sure to store them away in wooden blocks or in drawers, away from the reach of children.

Store knives

Do not wear loose clothes for cooking

Loose clothes and light fabric can catch fire quickly and should be avoided at all times while cooking. If you have long hair, keep them tied back to prevent anything from accidentally catching fire.

Do not wear dangling jewelry

Avoid wearing any bracelets that can get tangled around the handles of the pot or any utensil to cause spills and burns.

Keep pot handles away from the flame

Keep the pan and pot handles sideways while cooking. Someone walking by can bump on them and cause a disaster. Also, keep the handles away from the reach of children to keep them safe.

Wipe up the spills immediately

One quick tip for keeping your kitchen clean is to wipe away any spills as quickly as they drop. It will keep the kitchen surface clean and prevent harmful bacteria from growing on the surface.

Wash your hands constantly

Keep washing your hands during the meal preparation. Your touch to the refrigerator door handles, meat, and vegetables can add a lot of bacteria to your food. It is better to keep your hands clean at all times while cooking.

Separate raw meat and poultry from other foods

Keep the raw meat enclosed in containers away from vegetables and open food. Raw meat and poultry can have a lot of harmful bacteria that can spread to other foods if they are kept together.

Get a fire extinguisher

Having a fire extinguisher at your home can work as a precautionary measure for emergencies. While not necessarily, your kitchen can catch fire, and a fire extinguisher will avert a disaster when things get out of your hands.

Keep your tools nearby

Keep your tools in your reach, so you do not have to panic while cooking. Cooking is a process that requires a calm head to make sure everything is neat and safe. If you rush around looking for things, you increase your chances of making a mistake and causing a problem.

sensitive food

Do not let temperature-sensitive food out in open

Always remember to keep the leftover food in the fridge or throw it away if not needed. Never keep your food in the open if it is temperature-sensitive. It can catch bacteria quickly and will leave a bad and unhealthy smell in your home.