Ten Kitchen Safety Rules

Kitchen Safety

Cooking can be interesting. Today, most women and men are trying out new cooking habits to create a healthy diet plan and utilize their kitchen in the best way possible. While cooking may seem easy, there are a lot of things that can create environmental hazards if left unattended. The kitchen has a lot of sharp objects, including knives and electrical appliances. Always be aware of your surroundings while working in a kitchen and keep these important safety rules in mind.

Store knives away

Never keep your knives in the open. Make sure to store them away in wooden blocks or in drawers, away from the reach of children.

Store knives

Do not wear loose clothes for cooking

Loose clothes and light fabric can catch fire quickly and should be avoided at all times while cooking. If you have long hair, keep them tied back to prevent anything from accidentally catching fire.

Do not wear dangling jewelry

Avoid wearing any bracelets that can get tangled around the handles of the pot or any utensil to cause spills and burns.

Keep pot handles away from the flame

Keep the pan and pot handles sideways while cooking. Someone walking by can bump on them and cause a disaster. Also, keep the handles away from the reach of children to keep them safe.

Wipe up the spills immediately

One quick tip for keeping your kitchen clean is to wipe away any spills as quickly as they drop. It will keep the kitchen surface clean and prevent harmful bacteria from growing on the surface.

Wash your hands constantly

Keep washing your hands during the meal preparation. Your touch to the refrigerator door handles, meat, and vegetables can add a lot of bacteria to your food. It is better to keep your hands clean at all times while cooking.

Separate raw meat and poultry from other foods

Keep the raw meat enclosed in containers away from vegetables and open food. Raw meat and poultry can have a lot of harmful bacteria that can spread to other foods if they are kept together.

Get a fire extinguisher

Having a fire extinguisher at your home can work as a precautionary measure for emergencies. While not necessarily, your kitchen can catch fire, and a fire extinguisher will avert a disaster when things get out of your hands.

Keep your tools nearby

Keep your tools in your reach, so you do not have to panic while cooking. Cooking is a process that requires a calm head to make sure everything is neat and safe. If you rush around looking for things, you increase your chances of making a mistake and causing a problem.

sensitive food

Do not let temperature-sensitive food out in open

Always remember to keep the leftover food in the fridge or throw it away if not needed. Never keep your food in the open if it is temperature-sensitive. It can catch bacteria quickly and will leave a bad and unhealthy smell in your home.

Toaster And Kettle Set Buying Guide

Kettle Set

A toaster and a kettle have always been the commonest appliances in every household. They are essential for making quick toasts and coffee for breakfast in our busy life schedules. In recent years, technology for kitchen appliances has changed the way we manage our daily needs. Today, a range of kettles and toasters is available in the market, providing unique features and ease of use. If you are looking for a kettle or a toaster replacement, this guide will help you make better choices.

Buying a kettle

Buying a kettle

There are electric and non-electric kettles available in the market today. The electric kettles are in greater demand due to multiple features that it can offer. However, the traditional kettles are still in use and work well with classic style kitchens. Make sure that you purchase a kettle that saves enough time for you while boiling and cleaning.

Another factor to consider while purchasing a kettle is capacity and weight. Find out the material used for making the kettle and where it can become toxic after a long period of use. A decent kettle should make four cups of coffee at once, but you can pick higher quantities if you have a larger family.

Today, the new kettles come with filtering systems that you can use to filter tea and coffee gains while pouring your drink into the cups. You can also purchase a separate filtering system if the kettle does not already have a filtering system.

Buying a toaster

A standard toaster is made for toasting two slices of bread at once. While the toasters have always been electric and require minimum thought while purchasing, here are some factors you can consider. You can find toasters that can toast four slices of bread at once, but it will take more space in your kitchen. Making toasts for the whole family in a limited time can become easier with a bigger toaster. The toasters today can heat up a slice of bread from the fridge within 30 seconds.

Another factor to consider while purchasing a toaster is the environment. Your toaster should save as much power as it can while completing its task. The toasters that heat up less bread consume more energy than the ones that can toast multiple slices of bread at once.

Make sure of your safety while using toasters as many domestic accidents have been reported to be caused by toasters. Do not take out the bread slices from the toaster with metal objects. Turn off the toaster and remove the plug after using it.

With this guide’s help, we hope that you make better choices while buying the Best Toaster and Kettle Set for your home. Select from a range of toasters and kettles that are more practical according to your kitchen and also help you with energy consumption.

Dishwasher Buying Guide


When you have to cook for a big family, you also need a big enough dishwasher that can clean the dishes effectively without giving you any trouble. Cleaning dishes after a good meal can become a daunting process. That is why dishwashers have become a necessity in every kitchen. It saves the time and effort that can be used for doing other chores or to simply relax after a good meal. There are several dishwasher types available in the market. This dishwasher guide will help you pick the right dishwasher according to your kitchen needs.

Types of dishwashers

The dishwasher is no more a luxury that ordinary people cannot afford. In fact, it has become a must-have kitchen item for cleaning dishes and crockery. There are two main types of dishwashers available today – the free-standing dishwashers and the built-in dishwashers. The free-standing dishwashers can be available separately and can be fit anywhere around the kitchen. The built-in dishwashers are installed under the kitchen counter and can be covered with a material to match your kitchen’s aesthetics.

Size and capacity

A standard dishwasher is around 35-inches in height and 24-inches in width. Such dishwashers are good for families with 6-8 members. The compact dishwashers of 18-inches are suitable for smaller families. Most dishwashers have adjustable racks and removable lower baskets, which makes it easy to fit in bigger dishes. These settings can differ from one dishwasher to another.

Size and capacity

Tub type

The affordable dishwashers come with plastic tubs while the higher end units have stainless steel tubs. Some dishwashers may also have stainless steel coated plastic tubs to match the interiors. Make sure to check the tubs for quality and durability before choosing a dishwasher, so it does not affect the quality of washing.

Features to consider

There is a range of features available even in the most basic dishwashers today. The most important features in any dishwasher are the cycles and types of washing it provides. Light wash, regular wash, and heavy wash are the commonest types of washing that any dishwasher should provide. More advanced units can offer adjustable temperatures to clean greasy dishes. Some of the newer units feature a facility to choose upper rack and lower rack washing to save energy and water. Similar to the washing features, the dishwashers will also have drying options that will help you use the dishes instantly after cleaning without the need to wipe. Additional features may include a child safety lock and anti-flood feature.

Take the help of an expert to find the best dishwasher uk brands that can provide complete features and service for keeping your kitchen clean. A good dishwasher can be the highlight of your kitchen if you choose the right one. Before reaching any conclusion, make sure to check out a range of dishwashers available and compare their features to know what fits your budget in the best manner.

Electric Can Opener Buying Guide

Electric Can Opener

Types of Can Openers

Electric can openers come in various shapes and sizes nowadays, although their working principle is more or less the same. A freestanding unit holds the can in place with a magnet, and while it spins the can, the sharp blade takes off the lid. The differences between the various types of can openers are given by their extended functionality. The simplest models just open cans and can be used as electric tin openers. However, electric can openers are also enhanced with bottle openers and knife sharpeners which are pretty top-of-the-range products that open more than just bottles, cans and jars. However, read reviews to select the best electric can opener. Another differentiation that can be made between the types of can openers is given by the complexity of their operation. On one end, there are handheld battery-powered electric openers, but there are also freestanding, automated electric can openers that make room for hand-free operation.

Can Opener

Who Is It For?

Electric can openers can be used by literally anyone. For people who are handicapped, or who cannot rely on their hands due to medical conditions like arthritis or other conditions, opening a tin can with the push of a button is a big convenience. It might also be useful for people who travel a lot and pack jars or cans for fast cooking.

Can Opener For The Elderly

A particular subcategory of the best electric can openers are can openers for the elderly. They usually come with a powerful motor that can handle just about any type of can and are usually hands-free. Some people might prefer a simple, battery-operated can opener that simply opens cans, while others might want the more complicated, freestanding can openers with multiple functionalities. Long story short, a can opener for senior citizens must be super-easy to use and should need minimal intervention from the operator. It should also be easy to clean, and a corded model might be easier for them so that they don’t have to deal with low battery issues.


electric tin opener

While looking for a regular electric tin opener, the size details are pretty straightforward. Most electric can opener models will be about 5 x 6 x 10 inches, with a brilliant, vertical design. Built to take up little space on the worktop, electric can openers have their motor at the base so that there is enhanced stability. With respect to the weight, the average electric can opener for domestic use will be about 2.5 to 3 pounds. It will weigh more if the material used is stainless steel, while the plastic models are a bit lighter. As can be imagined, the larger the size of the can it can handle, the greater the size of the can opener.

Fridge Freezer Buying Guide

Fridge Freezer

A fridge freezer is a new appliance added to a modern kitchen’s aesthetics that solves many food storage problems for the users. In this fridge freezer buying guide, you will learn the points to ponder while purchasing this modern appliance for your kitchen.

What is a fridge freezer

A fridge freeze is an appliance that is used to store frozen food in your kitchen. There are a total of three types of fridge freezers available today.

Fridge Freezer

A freestanding fridge freezer is an easy to fit appliance for your kitchen, which can preserve frozen and chilled food for you. While fridges come with a small compartment on the top to store frozen food, you can purchase a separate fridge freezer for your kitchen. Those freezers are called integrated fridge freezers. There are also American-style fridge freezers that are becoming popular today for their high-end features. They are big in size, can be costly, and use a lot of energy while working. While you make a decision between these three types, consider the space of your kitchen, your budget, as well as the energy-saving requirements of your eco-friendly home.

Should you buy a standalone fridge freezer?

Generally, people buy a refrigerator that has both a fridge and a freezer inside it. But, depending upon your requirements, you can purchase two separate units for each purpose. Standalone freezers offer plenty of space to store frozen food. It can fit easily into any kitchen and work 24/7 to keep your food preserved in low temperatures.

Features of a fridge freezer

A good fridge freezer can offer plenty of features that are ideal for any environment. However, you do not always require all the features on the unit to keep your food safe. While considering what you actually need, you can find fridge freezers that do not add up prices for unnecessary features. You can get the best fridge freezer for your needs with a budget that fits your pocket. Here are the features a good fridge freezer can provide.

Size – Pick your fridge freezer size based on the frozen food you usually get. Do not stuff your freezer with food in all corners, or else it will block the ventilation and make it harder to freeze.

Digital displays – Pick a freezer with digital displays, lights, and audible signals for your food’s smart management.

Separate controls – Check for the controls your freezer provides to function better and keep your food at the right temperatures.

Auto defrost or frost-free – Pick a fridge freezer that comes with a defrosting feature to get rid of unnecessary ice accumulation in your freezer.

Water and ice dispensers – Modern freezers can offer you chilled water and ice directly from outside by just touching a button.

Childproof features – It will help you keep your kids safe and away from the freezer and alert you in any accidents.

Microwave Oven Buying Guide

Microwave Oven


The type of the microwave oven refers to the technology inside the tool to make it suitable for kitchen use. There are three main types of ovens: solo ovens, combination microwave ovens and flatbed microwave ovens.

Solo Microwave

Solo Microwave

Solo microwaves are compact and easy to use, and due to this advantage, they are most commonly used in dorm rooms and by people who aren’t in relationships or don’t have a family.

These models mostly only support basic tasks such as reheat, defrost and cook and don’t have too many features. Overall, a solo microwave is the most basic design for a microwave oven but is also widely considered the most reliable and durable. The price can vary depending on capacity, size and number of functions, but they are also among the cheapest types of microwaves available.

Combination Microwave

Just as the name suggests, combination ovens combine the functions of a convection oven with the functions of a microwave. A combination microwave can do more than just heat up and defrost food; it can also bake, grill, steam and even fry. People prefer combination microwaves because it is versatile and very easy to operate and make function. A microwave that also functions as a convection oven will have an integrated fan with a heated element around it to distribute heat in an even pattern. This feature is of great importance as it reduces the cooking time and makes sure that the food is evenly cooked, similar to halogen ovens. Combination microwaves are, however, among the more expensive microwaves available in the market due to its increased versatility.

Flatbed Microwave

Most microwaves have a turntable that is usually made of glass, which rotates the food container in order to heat it proportionally and evenly on all sides. However, flatbeds lack this feature. The microwaves are instead distributed through a rotating antenna placed underneath its floor thanks to the help of a flatbed base. The fact that the food container does not have to rotate means you can use bigger containers for cooking, with the added benefits that shapes that wouldn’t fit a regular microwave can fit into this one. However, the technology is still in quite nascent stages, which makes them more expensive in comparison with their turntable counterparts. The best microwave oven among these three types should be chosen with great precision after much thought.

Inverter Technology

Some of the more expensive and higher-end microwave ovens are equipped with inverter technology, which is designed to provide constant power without interruption. Inverter technology helps maintain constant heating power at low energy levels. Additionally, the food gets cooked evenly and does not get a rubbery consistency.

Hot Water Dispensers Buying Guide

Hot Water Dispensers

Hot water dispensers are beneficial devices. While some people use it to make a simple cup of tea, some others use it for something else, like boiling water for quick pasta dishes. With a huge water tank and quick boiling options, this device can take upon many challenges. However, picking the best hot water dispenser is far from easy. To be fair, there are lots of aspects to consider. You might want to take the time to read reviews about the best hot water dispensers available before buying them. Here are some of the things to be kept in mind while buying a hot water dispenser.

Kettle vs Hot Water Dispenser

One of the first things to realise is that a hot water dispenser and kettle are two different appliances. A hot water dispenser boils just the amount of water you need to use, and there is no reboiling involved, making it a faster and more economical process. On the other hand, kettles allow you to boil more water at once.

Hot Water Dispensers


The capacity needs to be discussed in two lights. On the one hand, you have the capacity of the water tank, and you can store up to 1.5 to 3 litres of water in it. However, on the other hand, there is the second perspective of how much water can be boiled at once because depending on its design, a hot water dispenser can dispense no more than 500 ml at a time. This is, however, something that is desirable because there are models of a hot water dispenser that can let you choose up to 9 different cup sizes.

Size & Portability

A hot water dispenser may seem convenient, but that does not exactly mean that it is easily portable. It would be best if you plugged it in for it to function, and it has a water tank that holds a few litres, which adds up to its size pretty fast. That does not mean that you will not find a portable hot water dispenser, but rather that a compact one is very rare.

Temperature Adjustment

Temperature adjustment is very important when it comes to hot water dispensers because the appliance is all about boiling water, and you might want to put that water to different uses. It is wise to choose a hot water dispenser that has a wide range of temperatures to choose from. Some hot water dispensers have preset temperatures on them, while others let you select the temperature between a maximum and minimum value, with the latter being the more attractive option.


Hot water dispensers have a pretty straightforward working principle, but there are some categories you can particularly look for. You have hot water dispensers with built-in filters and ones that let you boil as little as one cup at a time.